DBK Lumber

Our company considers human beings as the most important resource in order to achieve its goals and be successful. For this reason, it aims to keep human resources strong by raising young employees with high potential for success in the future.

Being a member of the Kros Otomotiv family means being part of a proud team that sells superior quality products at prices appropriate to their values and operates with the best production understanding in Turkey. In this family, mutual trust, respect, participation and cooperation are always essential. In this family, innovations are encouraged and open to changes and developments.

The principle of the DBK Timber family; to attract hardworking, talented, creative and successful people to its structure, to help them develop under equal conditions by investing in them, to ensure that they make a career in this sector by keeping the ways of reaching the upper levels open and to work together for many years In DBK Kereste family, no unity is regarded as temporary, care and effort are made to establish relations on healthy and permanent foundations.

Our Basic Principles of Human Resources

To determine the qualifications of the personnel appropriate to the characteristics of the task and to carry out the assignment procedures, To determine and ensure that the trainings needed for the development of the ability of the personnel to do business, entrepreneurship, success and effort are taken, to encourage the personnel to work in accordance with ethical values and ethical behavior principles, efficiency and profitability principles and to encourage their loyalty to our enterprise, to inform the personnel in a timely manner on issues concerning the personnel, to improve communication procedures and facilities in order to enable the personnel to easily report their opinions and suggestions to the management, to ensure effective communication, human relations and cooperation, to meet the social and cultural needs of the personnel, to support their duties, work and activities, to ensure the participation of employees in the decision-making process and the work done in management more actively and cooperatively, and To constantly review, update and improve the human resources policy.

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